OfficePort İstanbul


Imagine an office... 5 minutes on foot from the exhibition center where the most important fairs of the region and even the country are held... Imagine anoffice... Located in the main artery of the city... Subway at its elbow... Many big brands, factories manufacturing to the whole world are a little further on the right! Imagine an office... Surrounded by hotels and shopping centers... Taksim, heart of Istanbul, is a mere 15-20 minutes away by a car along the coast...

Imagine an office... In a smart building... Parking is a breeze, just park at the door... 7/24 security, on the job, everywhere in the building... Imagine an office... As soon as you walk in, your assistant welcomes you with a warm smile... Your hot coffee waiting for you on your desk... The list of callers while you were away is in your inbox... Incoming documents are received and are awaiting you in your mailbox... Cleaning is done nightly, so there is always a nice, clean smell in the office...

Imagine an office... Offering the highest standard for the least cost... Overhead, cleaning, heating, monthly dues, withholding tax; these are none of your business anymore... Your Internet access, without limits, without interruptions... Your office, always without any problems!

At Officeport Istanbul, you do not worry about your office and its comfort... You take care of your business and leave the rest to the professional office management team of Officeport Istanbul!

Located in the World Trade Center EGS Business Park complex at the Atatürk Airport intersection, Officeport Istanbul started serving the business world with its rising energy, offering instant offices that are fully equipped, ready to use, and available for rent on an hourly, daily, monthly or yearly basis; virtual offices, offering many options, such as mailbox and phone answering services; and finally modern and state of the art meeting rooms that can accommodate any type of presentation.

With its young and dynamic structure, Officeport Istanbul is striving to provide the solutions you need in professional office management systems. With the Back Office Services our goal is to let you, the respected business professional, direct all your time and energy on your business. You can either receive office services only, or you can request services such as hotel reservations, dry cleaning, Web design, translation of your documents or any other service that is related to your business from Officeport Istanbul.

Come; let us infuse your business with our office energy! While you are adding one success after another, let us create wonders in the office side of your business!

If you want to experience our office energy and get more information about our office systems and solutions, visit us at Officeport Istanbul, Monday through Friday, 9AM to 6PM… We hope to see you soon!